Planning the interiors of W. Smith’s Chemist and Photographer’s


Lindsay and John marking out where the shop counters will eventually go.

This morning Lindsay, our Head of Engagement, with the help of John and Clara, has been planning the interiors of W. Smith’s.  When built, the inside of the shop will be full of mahogany and glass counters, chemist draws  and drug runs, a working soda plant and a dispensary unit. The challenge is to make sure that it will all fit before we confirm the placing of the interior walls. Using the architectural plans of the building, along with scaled drawings of items in our collection, we measured and marked out where each of the large pieces of shop furniture will go. This helps us to envision what the interior will look like and make sure that we leave enough room for our visitors to comfortably move around the shop and watch the activities taking place – as well as ensuring that the shop staff will have the space to make soda waters and concoct our patent balms!


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