Progress at W. Smith’s

Shaun, Dan and Keith insulating the roof.

Shaun, Dan and Keith insulating the roof.

Shaun and his team have been working hard at W. Smith’s installing the windows, the timber floor of the attic, the upstairs stud walls and all of the loft insulation.

Our contractors have also been busy slating the roof and the concrete screed floor has been poured on the first floor.

All this work will allow us to get the building weather tight and the internal surfaces ready for fitting out the downstairs shop and the upstairs stores and offices.


Our contractor Daniel slating the roof.



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2 responses to “Progress at W. Smith’s

  1. Ray butler

    I was at Beamish the other day, and it’s looking good.Is the bare brick to remain or will it be coloured white as in recent photographs ?


    • Hi Ray, Glad you like it! We’re planning to leave the brickwork unpainted – partly as a way of showing the difference between the more recently made bricks in some of the ‘later’ buildings in town, and partly because the original wasn’t painted until just after the date that our Edwardian town is set. Hopefully people will still recognise it from the original in Durham!


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