W. Smith Chemist and J. R. & D. Photographer’s opens to the public

IMG_0186After two years of hard work W. Smith’s Chemist and J. R. & D. Photographer’s finally opened to the public last month. As a team we have helped to create everything from building the walls, to constructing the roof, designing the interiors and fitting the shop front. We couldn’t be more proud of the results! You can review the whole process by clicking here.

buildings team photo

The Buildings Team’s group photo, taken in the studio


Throughout May we have been encouraging our visitors to smell some of the mysterious ingredients that went into Edwardian ‘cure-alls’, marvel at the gas lights and soda water machine, and dress up in the fashions of the time for their photographs. The Buildings Team worked extremely closely with our Engagement Team, who are responsible for bringing the history inside our buildings alive to our visitors.  For the first time, a team of engagers who now work in the chemist and photography studio, were involved with the installation of the objects from our collections into the new exhibits. This included cleaning hundreds of chemist items ranging from stomach pumps to electrocution machines, helping to conserve original Edwardian studio props, and cataloguing every item moved our of stores and into the building.

Cass and I in chemist

Clara, Cassie and the bump exhausted after completing the interior of the chemist.


Part of Team Chemist Paul and Jess, and student volunteer Naomi preparing objects for display.

photography studio

A family having their photograph taken in the studio.


Matthew from the Engagement Team adding the finishing touches to the aerated water manufactures

hannah 2

Hannah from Team Photographer’s in the studio changing room


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One response to “W. Smith Chemist and J. R. & D. Photographer’s opens to the public

  1. penelope50

    What a great achievement – congratulations to all involved! Looking forward to visiting on Monday.


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