Welcome to our new team member!


Shannon has joined us from Beamish’s Town and Pit Life Team as our new Buildings Team Assistant. She will be helping Clara to research the materials and period details needed for our Remaking Beamish project. Here she is with Reg, standing in a recently uncovered doorway at Spain’s Field – probably the first two people to do so for over a hundred years!  Learn more about Shannon and her role on Beamish Buildings Team page.



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3 responses to “Welcome to our new team member!

  1. Ray Butler

    How on earth do you faithfully reconstruct a buildings from what looks like a pile of rubble ? Following the work with interest.


  2. Hi Ray, our method varies according to the particular need of the building. With Spain’s Field we started by recording the standing structure using rectified photography, architectural drawings and creating a 3D computerised image of it. We then physically numbered all of the key features, such as window sills and door lintels before we started to take it down. Sometimes, as we did with St Helen’s Church, we number every stone in a building to ensure that it goes back in the exact same location. However, as the buildings at Spain’s Field were largely built from random rubble, this would have been a very difficult task. Instead we have grouped the stones into faces, so that each wall will be built from the same stone, but each individual stone might not go back in exactly the same place. By doing this, we hope to retain as much as is possible the authentic character of the building. Hope that helps! Clara


    • Ray Butler

      Hi Clara It helps explain how its different to Eston Church rebuild where the stones were numbered , hope you will continue with blogs when the rebuild starts..


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