Support Us

The contributions from our visitors and local communities are so important to us. Here are some ways in which you can help to support us.

Thanks to all those who helped us complete the restoration of Eston Church! 

We remain extremely grateful to all those who helped us by donating money and objects to finish the interior of Eston Church; this included installing Georgian box pews and commissioning a stained glass window.

Eston interior

Object Donations:

Do you have a family heirloom with an interesting story? A box of treasured things that you think should be shared? Or even a vintage fireplace or a set of windows that need a home? Over the next few years, Beamish is planning to build two new areas – a 1950s town and an 1820s early industry area – which will need lots of fascinating everyday items to help bring them to life. We will need everything from doorhandles to saucepans! If you would like to contribute any objects, photographs, memories or stories to our future developments then please contact us.

Click here to learn more about our plans to develop Beamish

Friends of Beamish:

The Friends of Beamish is an Independent Registered Charity working, hand in hand, with Beamish to protect and re-create the region’s past for future generations to enjoy.

Your subscription fees will help the Museum in so many ways. In the last fifteen years, the Friends have given £564,000 to all sorts of Museum projects! This year proceeds from subscription fees will go towards completion of Eston Church.

Your subscription will also contribute towards the range of restoration work undertaken by the Friends.

There are many ways you can be involved but you don’t need to anything at all if you don’t want to – other than enjoy the advantage of free daytime admission whenever you want to visit Beamish!

Lots of Friends of all ages help the Museum directly by volunteering to give their time, energy and expertise:

  • Some volunteers use their practical skills to restore exhibits. Friends have worked on horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles, engines, clocks, steam engines, farm equipment. If it moved in the early 20th century, Friends have helped to restore it!
  • An increasing number of Friends volunteer towork in costume, helping to interpret the Museum for visitors.
  • Some do promotional work at events around the region. Others helpadministrationof the Friends or conduct visitor surveys for the Museum.
  • The Beamish Youth Group encourages family involvement and gives young people the opportunity to be closely involved with the Museum.

Learn more about joining the Friends of Beamish

Gifts and Legacies:

The Friends are always grateful for any gifts or legacies received, whether large or small. A gift or legacy will help us to carry on our restoration projects and to support capital projects at Beamish.

For instance, part of a recent legacy of £200,000 was used to create the interior of Davy’s Fried Fish Shop in The Pit Village, including the painstaking restoration of the beautiful Edwardian ceramic tiles which now adorn the walls.

If you wish to help in this way, please contact the Friends’ Office for more information.

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